Here are some Bougainville internet resources


On Facebook (yes, many Bougainvilleans have FB presences; there are interest groups as well)


Bougainville Forum



Google Earth images


Panguna Copper Mine area


Bougainville region


Central Bougainville


Part of Nagovisi


Closeup of village



Anti-mining links


Ramu mine A


Ramu mine B


State crimes


Jubilee Australia


Clive Porabu's Meekamui site



Miscellaneous conflict history sites




Collection of links


Chronology with comments by Max Watts (an external observer)


Moses Havini's take on it


Leonard Fong Roka's site (he has written books about Bougainville)


Conflict resolution


Australian Green-Left


Leonard Fong Roka about Noah Musingku and Francis Ona A


Leonard Fong Roka B


Leonard Fong Roka C


Video about Ona and Musingku



International Bank of Meekamui


You can have some fun here. Go down the rabbit hole. It's a complete and absolute con.


A guy in Utah who was defrauded


The Central Bank


The Papaa'la Chronicles


A thread about the IBOM in which, according to Bougainvilleans I know who followed the discussion, Noah actually participated as "Intl Law."


And for fun, making a fire.