A Red Woman Was Crying

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These audio recordings are available at SoundCloud.


An excerpt from My White Man, at the Cloverdale (CA) Performings Arts Center, November 2014.


A short excerpt from Namesakes, at Pegasus Books, Berkeley (CA), November 2014.


A short excerpt from Fireflies Killed Her, at Why There Are Words, Sausalito (CA), November 2014.

Here is a video of that reading.


I Don't Kill People Anymore is from the story of the same name, although this recording was made before I finished the final version of the story.


Fireflies Killed Her is an audio version of the story, rather than from a public reading.


Dog Fights is from the story of the same name. It's the last part of that story, preceded by a general discussion of the story and of life as an anthropologist. The audience was college students in Buffalo, NY.


I'm Going to Sovele is the only story in the collection that's meant to be funny. This from the Gray Hair reading series in Buffalo NY.


Manape's Short Snake is one of the myths, here told by a Nagovisi man named Otoloi. It's in Nagovisi and then in tok pisin, but even if you don't understand either language you'll realize you're listening to a master storyteller and orator. Otoloi had a beautiful voice and extraordinary enunciation. The recording is from 1972 and the portion after about 6:40 is technically better than the first.


How Women Got Their Decorations is one of the folktales, here told by Tevu in tok pisin (only; no English). It's an example of a field recording (early 70s, cassette tape) where the voices of the anthropologists are included, the storyteller gets lost and wants to start over, and so on. It might be amusing even to listeners who can't understand what's being said.


Radio New Zealand Interview is from January 2014. The interviewer, Noelle McCarthy, had read the book and asked me interesting and perceptive questions about it and my life as an anthropologist and about growing up in Hilo, Hawai'i.


For more audio (some relating to this collection and some not), go to the Readings page on Don's CV.