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About Don






Research Experience


2010              Gender differences in competitive road running (with Robert O. Deaner)

2001              Brief fieldwork in Nagovisi; ethnographic video

2000 -            Ethnographic video

1991 -            Alternative presentations of ethnographic material (poetry, fiction)

1988 -            Computer-based quantitative archaeology

1981 -            Software development for road race computing system (PDP-11, VAX, Alpha, Intel, and

                      Macintosh platforms)

1988 - 1989   Computer simulation of tropical root crop agriculture

1986 – 1988  Computer-aided mapping

1978 - 1983   Long distance running; human bipedal speed and endurance variation

1971 - 1974   Field research on Bougainville Island, North Solomons Province, Papua New Guinea; land

                      use patterns, transition to cash cropping from subsistence agriculture, demography,

                      economic and political change, exchange and traditional valuables; physical anthropology

1969 - 1970   Doctoral research on Bougainville; similar to 1971 - 1974

1968              Malaita, Solomon Islands: skin color, anthropometry, photography, somatotyping

1967 - 1968   Anthropometry of aging (VA Normative Aging Study)

1965 - 1968   Anthropometry of body form; growth at adolescence (Harvard School of Public Health)

1967              Photographic craniometry (Harvard University)

1965              Hawaiian ethnohistory (B.P. Bishop Museum, Honolulu)


Consulting Experience


2017-18         Hui ho'olohe, EnVision Mauna Kea

2017-18         Consulting photographer, Rapid 'Ohi'a Death ('Ohi'a Love Festival)

2010 -            Consulting photographer, Kathmandu Trading Company, Hilo HI

2012 -            Book designer, Saddle Road Press, WTAW Press, Weeping Willow Books, VOLTBooks

1981 - 2006   Timed and scored over 1,000 road race events in New York state, Ontario, Washington DC,

                      Pittsburgh PA, and Honolulu HI, operating as Runtime  Services

1993              Developed Paradox database system, Headquarters, Army Recreation Services, The

                      Pentagon, Washington, DC

1992              Developed Macintosh database system, Utica Boilers, Utica, NY

1986              Developed and wrote user documentation for VAX FORTRAN, Computing Services,

                      Buffalo State College

1984              Configured and installed PDP-11 computer systems for quality control and testing, Alar

                      Products, Macedonia, OH


Teaching Positions


2019              Jack Williamson Visiting Professor of English, Eastern New Mexico University

2006 -           Emeritus Professor of Anthropology, Buffalo State College

1999 - 2006  Professor of Anthropology, Buffalo State College

1981 - 1999  Associate Professor of Anthropology, Buffalo State College  (tenured)

1974 - 1981  Assistant Professor of Anthropology, Buffalo State College


Courses:      physical anthropology, archaeology, ecological anthropology, urban anthropology, Oceania,

                     paleoanthropology, research methods, computer use, alternative ethnography


Miscellaneous Positions


1983 - 1988   System manager, FNSS DEC-PDP11/44 computer system

1981 - 1985   Secretary-Treasurer, Association for Social Anthropology in Oceania

1980              Women's Track Coach, SUCB (initiated the Women's Track Program)

1980              Organizer, SUNY Conversations in the Disciplines:  Social Science and Running, SUCB

                      (with J.  Stetar and D. Broad)

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