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Book design and composition (print and e-book)


Interior and Cover, including cover image, except as noted


Appearances (Michael Collins, Saddle Road Press, November 2017)

Here Along Cazenovia Creek, 2nd edition (Ruth Thompson, Saddle Road Press, January 2017)

Always a Blue House (Lisa Rizzo, Saddle Road Press, December 2016)

A Difficult Animal (Lisa Lutwyche, Saddle Road Press, October 2016, cover based on another image)

Two Natures (Jendi Reiter, Saddle Road Press, September 2016)

Five Sextillion Atoms (Jayne Benjulian, Saddle Road Press 2016)

The Inugami Mochi (Jessamyn Smyth, Saddle Road Press 2015, cover based on another image)

Blood Sugar Canto (Ire'ne Lara Silva, Saddle Road Press 2016, cover based on another image)

The Staked Plains (Stefan Kiesbye, Saddle Road Press 2015)

Crazing (Ruth Thompson, Saddle Road Press 2015)

Next Door Lived a Girl (Stefan Kiesbye, Saddle Road Press 2015 (reissue))

A Talent for Shipwrecks (Zara Potts, Saddle Road Press 2015)

Matisse: A Life in Metaphor (Marjorie Norris, Saddle Road Press 2014)

Half Speed Epiphany (Frederick Whitehead, Saddle Road Press 2014)

Dance the Truth (Terez Peipins, Saddle Road Press 2014)

November Butterfly (Tania Pryputniewicz, Saddle Road Press 2014, cover based on another image)

Body on the Wall (Michelle Wing, Saddle Road Press 2014)

The Animals (Carol Flynn, Saddle Road Press 2014, cover based on another image)

Woman with Crows (Ruth Thompson, Saddle Road Press 2013)

Taurus in Lake Erie (Trudy Stern, Saddle Road Press 2013, cover based on another image)

Describing the Dark (Joyce Kessel, Saddle Road Press 2013)

Pig, Smoking (Caiden Feldmiller, Saddle Road Press 2013)

Looking for Bora Bora (ryki zuckerman, Saddle Road Press 2013)

Supposed to Love (Jennifer Campbell, Saddle Road Press 2013)

What the World Sees (Perry Nicholas, Saddle Road Press 2011, cover only)



Book Design Only (interior and cover but not cover image)


Unmasked (Weeping Willow Books, 2017)

The Truth About Me (Louise Marburg, WTAW Press, 2017)

And There Was Morning and There Was Evening (Mike Smith, WTAW Press, 2017)

Cover Stories (Stefan Kiesbye, ed., VOLTBooks, 2017)




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